It’s Getting More Personal: Searches at Google

It’s Getting More Personal: Searches at Google

GoogleGoogle presents more challenges to search engine optimization practitioners worldwide with more features that aim at a more personalized search based on your browsing history and your locality as determined by your internet usage, whether mobile or through your desktop PC. This is good news for some SEO marketers, and bad news for others, considering that what they understand as good keyword choices before in their practice and profession now will be affected by these more “personalized” search results. It will probably also get to be more complicated for searchers who do not really intend a more “personalized” search (well, more than before), because their research is about topics in general and not necessarily affected by their locality or their previous search topics.

In some ways, Google should be able to balance this feature to make it more convenient and easy for more searchers and users – millions of whom do not know how other than by ‘googling’.

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