Musical Artist Template

Musical Artist Template

music artist template

Look and Feel

This design template contains all you need to bring your music group, band or studio much closer to your fans and patrons. The frame is large enough to include all the necessary advertisements, texts and images you need. Each template comes in six pages namely, a Home Page, a Music Page, a Videos Page, a Photo Page, a News Page and a Contacts Page. Each page is divided into horizontal blocks or sections. The upper part contains the introductory portion – where the name of the band/studio/artist is found – and a header section containing the navigational buttons. The middle section includes all sorts of text boxes and image boxes for you to promote relevant information regarding your tours, concerts, and important press releases. Another striking feature is the footer section found below the page contents area. The section contains links to all important social networking sites Twitter, and YouTube, with all their corresponding linkages.


The color scheme is perfect for a music website. Bright orange delineates the sectors, segments and parts of the pages. The use of bright red orange is excellent because the blocks are seen in neutral colors – gray, white and black. This unique color scheme allows the website viewer to concentrate on more important parts like the page contents sections. The text-background color scheme of the navigation buttons is also worth the admiration of an ordinary online visitor. At rest, the color scheme is white texts over black background while the color scheme when clicked is white texts over orange background.


Website navigation can no longer be ignored. Reviewers will surely sting and denounce lousy looking and poorly navigable websites. The industry standard is not getting lower but higher. As technology increases and market demand gets complicated, the poorly-navigable websites become more irrelevant. The professional website designers who created the Limo Service template spent time and effort to create a free template for everyone to enjoy. Observe the simplicity of the navigation. The navigation buttons for the social website links are smartly placed on the middle section of the Book Now page.

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