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Limo Template

Limo Service Web Template

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Are you looking for great free flash templates for your limousine business? The Limo Service template includes five pages namely Home Page, Company Page, Services Page, Fleet Page, and Book Now. These are all the necessary pages a limo service needs in the internet world. The Home page includes a page contents section where you can place relevant details like company name, company principles, a brief narration of services etc. The Fleet Page is a gallery page for you to display the pictures of your limousines and cars. The eight blocks are more than enough for a typical limo business. Of course, the Book Now page serves as the money generating machine of your website business. Once you are able to get the interest or convince the customer, he should be given a chance to purchase your service. One rule is that the design should appear convincing as possible. Another excellent feature of the template is its introductory box found on the upper right corner of the page.


A limo service site does not have to be too colorful to function well. While many consider the business as belonging to the luxury sector, luxury does not necessarily mean “ornamental”. In the limo business, images are more important than the background. The reverse is true in sports websites. The customer or the agent of the customer would want to see the images of the limousine as soon as possible. There should be no opening curtains filled with unnecessary colors for the site. As you can see on the template shown, the color scheme is simple so as to give the customer a chance to observe the more important details – contacts information, name of company, address, and images.


Website navigation can no longer be ignored. Reviewers will surely sting and denounce lousy looking and poorly navigable websites. The industry standard is not getting lower but higher. As technology increases and market demand gets complicated, the poorly-navigable websites become more irrelevant. The professional website designers who created the Limo Service template spent time and effort to create a free template for everyone to enjoy. Observe the simplicity of the navigation. The navigation buttons for the social website links are smartly placed on the middle section of the Book Now page.

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